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Transport for Family and Guests

When planning what transport you need for your wedding, you need to take into account the bridal party, the groom and groomsmen requirements, the wedding location, is it acessible?  

The distance that needs to be travelled to the wedding venue?  the reception?  how will  family and guests get home?  your budget?  In most cases you will just need to look after the bride and grooms needs and the use of corporate cars or limousines may be sufficient. You may need to consider other transport for your photo shoot if you plan to use scenes in a different location from the ceremony, this can be acheived with the use of a mini bus rather than two cars/limousines. Then you may want to provide transport for family and guests to provide a safe enviroment to and from your wedding celebrations. Charter buses including mini buses can easily be sourced for most locations and provide a comfortable and safe way to look after your family and guests.


When you decide what your transport requirements are, who do you contact to obtain quotes? 

For your corporate car/limousines, google wedding transport and your location and you will find any number of listings to choose from.  Remember companies are competitive so seek as many quotes as you want.  When you shortlist the companies take time to check out the fleet to ensure the vehicles being provided are modern and clean. Make sure you understand the terms and conditions with the company you choose to book with including any additional charges and their cancellation policy. 

If you choose to use a mini bus for the photo shoot google mini bus and your ,location and again seek quotes and then ensure your mini bus they provide is current and clean for the bridal party. If you wish to cater for your guests in most cases the company providing the mini bus can also provide large/mid size coaches that will cater for most weddings. Remember a number of your guests will look after there own needs. You may need to increase or decrease the size of the coach as your final numbers change, so ensure the company you choose is able to adapt to the changing situation.

Finally when you have finalised your transport requirements, bring out your check list and place your TICK in the box

Brisbane Mini Bus Charter has a modern fleet of 37, 33, 24, 21 and 13 seat mini buses/coaches that can cater for those transport requirements.  Our fleet of minibuses and mid size coaches can compliment your wedding day plans by providing affordable clean and reliable transport for your wedding guests. From Home/Accomodation to the church, to the reception and back home/accomodation at the end of the celebrations.

Whislt your guests assemble at the reception,  we can look after the bridal party for those memorable photos at your favourite locations using one of our 13 seat minibuses. We want to take the worry from you on your wedding day and provide a safe and efficient travel option for  you and your guests to clelebrate this special day.

Planning a Bucks Day or Hens Day out then contact our office to arrange one of our mini buses to transport you to each of your activities.  Need some ideas then give our staff a call, they will be happy to assist you in planing a great day with your closest friends.



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